Taster Sessions

One of the biggest barriers to having a fitness regime is getting started. At Crossfit Pi we want to make this really easy for you by offering you the chance to come and try out a session at our amazing facility for free.

If you are unsure if Crossfit is for you or fancy trying a whole new way of looking at how you can train just book yourself in and come and join in with one our friendly group classes with no further obligations attached. Our taster session programme will involve you meeting one of our team who will explain how the gym works and then be taken through one of our classes closely shadowed by your own expert coach.



To make the transition from commercial gym training to Crossfit as seamless as possible Crossfit Pi has developed fun and educational induction options to get you up to speed quickly.

On becoming a member of Crossfit Pi you will receive one complementary 1:1 personal coaching session to go through movements that will be needed to get you safely up and running in our classes. You will also receive a 1:1 movement assessment from one of our in house team giving you a better understanding of how to prevent injury and improve performance on your fitness journey with us! You will also be educated on all our other integrated systems within the gym including our Wodify gym programming system, organic meat and veg box delivery, one hand lift clothing, personal training and nutritional advice, sports massage etc.

For those that looking for a super detailed induction so that they can walk out in their first class as a Crossfit ninja then we also have a 5 small group session induction available that goes through all of the movements required for classes systematically. Just ask a member of the team to get yourself booked in!


Beginners - Suitable for All Abilities!

Crossfit Pi is suitable for all abilities, ages and genders! Every session is scalable to your ability, meaning that grandad and grandson could train alongside each other in a class. All our movements used in classes can be dialled down or up in complexity making it universally scalable.

We also foster an environment where every bodies success is celebrated no matter how small. We also do not tolerate gym bullying or posturing, our motto is to leave your ego at the door!